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Newcastle & Jesmond Student Homes and Houses

When the time comes to move away to college or university, fending for yourself for the first time can come as something of a culture shock. You find that the fridge does not magically restock itself and you discover that the laundry fairies didn’t move out with you as your laundry stays dirty in the heap on the floor until you do something about it.

As a parent we worry that our children are going to be able to look after themselves, feed themselves sufficiently and hope that the student accommodation that they are living in is good enough. Student accommodation has long received bad press but when it comes to student lettings in Jesmond, Fraser Grant has a pretty good track record in offering quality accommodation at affordable prices.

Student Accommodation

We all have an idea about the horrors of the world of student accommodation, but in reality accommodation that gives the appearance of being a squat is far from the norm. For private rentals and professional lettings in Jesmond, Fraser Grant is leading the way in removing this preconception from the public domain.

Many students live in well maintained houses with access to all of the amenities that they would have at home. Landlords keep a close watch on the way that the students treat their properties and are keen to keep the more unruly tenants in line in order to limit any damage to their property. Things seem to be looking up in the world of student accommodation.

House Sharing

Sharing a house with your friends can start off really well, but if you are not careful can end up with friendships falling apart and squabbles being a part of the daily routine. It is all too easy to let one of the group take on the role of parent, and they soon find themselves responsible for keeping the house clean and tidy, making sure the bills are paid on time and other such duties that everyone should take group responsibility for.

It is important to understand the effect that sharing a house can have on a relationship and to remember why you become friends in the first place. When you get together and go to any estate agent that deals in student lettings it is important to take everyone’s ideas and needs into account so that you are starting off in the best possible environment for you all to get along in.

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