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We recently stumbled across this great website and thought the residents of Jesmond or anyone visiting the area may find it useful and interesting. Sometimes this local attraction can be taken for granted and its important that its beauty and facilities are preserved for us and future generations to continue enjoying.

Theres some great info on there with regards to history trails, nature trails and also advice on how to get there via public transport links.

The Friends of Jesmond Dene is a conservation society pledged to work for the protection of the area. They work in close co-operation with Newcastle City Council whose job it is to maintain Jesmond Dene. The Friends aim is to stimulate public interest in everything concerning Jesmond Dene, including the following:

• The conservation and encouragement of local wildlife species
• Planting of trees and shrubs
• Educating people about the local history of the famous families who have lived in or close to Jesmond Dene.

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